Patricia Harper, Adjunct Professor of Music in Flute

The flute program at Connecticut College is designed for the serious flute student who wishes to have the opportunities afforded by a competitive liberal arts academic environment while simultaneously pursuing a committed study of the flute in all its technical and historical aspects. For college credit the student meets once weekly for a private lesson and once a month for a group master class. In addition, each student is assigned to a flute ensemble. Students are expected to participate in the Department's regularly-scheduled student recitals. An end of year all flute recital has become a time-honored tradition.

Over a four-year period the student will have the opportunity to cover the standard flute repertory as well as to participate in guest master classes. In the past the Department has invited Julius Baker, Samuel Baron, William Bennett, Trevor Wye, Fenwick Smith, Doriot Anthony Dwyer, Leone Buyse, Paula Robison, Bradley Garner, Carol Wincenc, and Patricia Spencer to lead these classes. For nine years Ms. Harper directed the Trevor Wye International Residency Flute Master Class held on campus annually during the last week in June. Beginning in 1998 she began teaching her own summer flute courses: in Brownsville, Vermont; in Greensville, South Carolina; and, beginning in 2007, in Monterey, California. These are residential programs for players, teachers, and serious amateurs interested in a focused week of flute study and ensemble opportunities.

The Department has a comprehensive music library containing a large collection of flute-related materials: music, sound recordings, and books are available to all players. Other facilities include individual practice rooms, tuning and recording equipment, concert halls, and a recording studio. As an option, a student may take one semester to study Baroque techniques on a one-keyed, wooden flute. There exists a healthy, supportive atmosphere in the Department with a strong feeling of camaraderie among the flute students. The faculty is readily available for assistance and advice.

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